We are discreet and our vehicles are unmarked. Your neighbors won’t be able to know that you have a pest problem to ensure your privacy. We offer a nonchemical heat treatment that is both family and pet-friendly. Our pest control services for Edmonton are price guaranteed



Condo and Apartment building infestations can be a landlord or investor’s nightmare! That is why we offer a Free Consulting process from the start. If you are facing a pest control problem, our pricing and proactive approach will leave your residents calm and confident it will never happen again.



There are many types of commercial, industrial, retail, healthcare, and many more types of commercial spaces that would require our services at We Clean Pest Control. We have the knowledge, economical solutions, and expertise to take care of your commercial pest control needs.


What We Do


The Only Emergency, No Preparation Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs


Stay Isolated at Home during Treatment


Chemical and No Chemical Option


Prevention and Protection Service