rian and Jesse were incredibly helpful to me while I dealt with a stressful situation. They know the stress level down by magnitudes. They were patient with multiple questions and I never felt pressured to purchase anything, there is no sales gimmick here. I’m sorry if anyone is in the need of bed bug service, but if you do I highly recommended this company. 


Brian came out to do an assessment as we were not sure if we had bed bugs in the house. He was very knowledgeable and explained to us what to look for, what he found, and checked everything thoroughly for us that we asked. Ultimately, it wasn’t conclusive that we had bed bugs but he left sticky traps for us so hopefully it’s actually nothing. He answered all of our questions and concerns and did not recommend treatment that wasn’t required. Overall the assessment didn’t cost us anything but the quality of service was superb.
Melissa Cheung

I came back from a holiday with bites likely from a hotel. Had an inspection done at my apartment to make sure I didn’t bring them home with me. The technician was very professional, informative, honest, and thorough. Really happy with the service. Thank you!

Chris is so professional to deal with tons of knowledge about his business. He is honest and does not take advantage of the situation. He came to check if there are bed bugs in my rental place and since it turned out negative he did not charge me a fee. He spent his time teaching me how to check the possible pest. Highly recommendable. More power to your business and definitely will soar high and higher.

Narissa E.

Kimberly N.

We were dealing with bed bug infestations since last two years, we applied all available pesticides and finally I decided to hire pest control services. I researched on internet about bed bug treatments. I found that only heat treatment completely kills bed bugs and their eggs. I called We Clean Bed Bugs and booked an appointment with them. They came in and heat treated all of our rooms. Their team was highly experienced and polite. They offered a solid guarantee for their services. I am satisfied


HIGHLY recommend We Clean Bed Bugs. First time dealing with Bed Bugs and it was a very traumatic experience as I didn’t know what to do or how to deal with it. Called Brian at We Clean Bed Bugs and he gave me so much helpful information, made me feel much better about the whole situation, and took care of all the Bed Bugs very quickly. His team is FANTASTIC and very professional. They made the whole experience a positive one and I am so thankful to them. It’s a great state of mind knowing they are all gone and it’s all thanks to Brian and his team.
Kevin Larb

After the heat treatment of We Clean Bed Bugs we’ve had no problems! We no longer have bed bug infestation and we enjoy interruption free “Deep Sleep”. We are very happy with relief and mental relaxation we got. Now, I have no faith in chemical sprays and I suggest only heat treatment because heat not only kills bedbugs but also completely kills their eggs.


Great company to deal with. Very professional. Staff are very friendly and most importantly, they are very knowledgable about all the different inspect and bugs. I am very happy with their work. Thanks guys. Great job. No more ants. Yeyh!!!

Vila S.

Very professional company to work with and great customer service! The amount of relief I felt walking into my bedroom after a heat treatment knowing I could sleep peacefully in my bed that night was amazing. Brain is the best at getting rid of pest! Would Recommend this company to anyone having a pest issue. Thanks so much for everything.

Carrie P.

Brian and his team went above and beyond to help me with a pest problem (bed bugs). I highly recommend using this company if you want to make sure the issue has been taken care of properly. These guys are very educated and they will take the time to answer all your questions and guide you through a nightmare:)


Kimberly N.

We Clean Pest Controls inspection was timely, thorough where it needed to be, and painless according to my very relieved mother-in-law. Thankfully there were no bugs, but it was important to me to highlight the wonderful customer service of this company. In particular, Brian was informative, friendly, and compassionate. This is not the kind of service you ever want to need, but I’m so glad to know that if the worst were to happen, there are companies like this that can help.


A large wasp nest was in the ground on the Southside of the house. My husband tried to remove the wasp nest with the spray foam insecticide. He was stung 7 times and we ended up in Emergency. We decided to call a professional and we are very glad we called we clean pest control Edmonton. They removed the very large underground wasp nest. We are thankful they were able to provide a service call to our acreage in Strathcona County.
Carol Maier

“Thank you We Clean Bed Bugs Ltd. Specifically Colin, for your expertise, kindness and compassion. When you arrived at our place, you brought with you peace. We were so overwhelmed with our situation. My husband was left to the task of preparing as I am very ill. We had just gone through a very bad invasive treatment for bed bugs with a different company that left us worse off.Thank you for being patient, and encouraging us along the way. I will most definitely refer you to others…”


Brian was amazing! He made me feel comfortable in a situation where you can’t help feeling embarrassed and stressed. Very professional and knowledgeable, answered all my questions and concerns. He put my mind at ease, helped me to be prepared throughout the whole process. Kept me informed and educated me on how to make sure this doesn’t happen again going forward. He followed up afterwards to make sure their treatment got rid of all the bugs, and it did.

Sherri C.

This company goes above and beyond they were so kind and caring answered any questions I had my family was under so much stress as the apartments we are in had multiple units affected and over 4 months of treatments with 3 other companies finally these guys did it. Life savers. I would also just like to thank James for being to patient on the phone with my calls always kind and genuinely cares about what is happening. Collin provided treatment and he was very kind and patient as well. Thanks guys

Angel G.