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All About Gophers

Gophers can be considered pests because their burrowing activities can cause damage to your yard and garden. It’s important to note that gophers play a role in ecosystems, and their burrowing activities can provide some benefits, such as soil aeration. However, if their presence becomes a problem in your yard, it may be necessary to take steps to manage or remove them.

Why gophers are generally considered detrimental to yards:

Tunnels and mounds

Gophers create an extensive network of tunnels underground, which can undermine the stability of your yard. As they dig, they push soil to the surface, creating unsightly mounds that can interfere with mowing, landscaping, and gardening.

Plant damage

Gophers are herbivores and feed on plant roots, bulbs, and other underground plant parts. Their feeding habits can lead to significant damage to lawns, flower beds, vegetable gardens, and ornamental plants. This can result in wilting, stunted growth, and even the death of plants.

Costly repairs

The damage caused by gophers may require costly repairs. For instance, if gophers tunnel under structures like patios, walkways, or retaining walls, it can compromise their integrity, necessitating repairs.

Safety hazards

The mounds and tunnels created by gophers can pose tripping hazards for humans and animals. The risk of injury increases, especially in areas where the ground is uneven due to extensive gopher activity.

Spreading weeds

Gophers can inadvertently spread weed seeds as they move soil around. This can lead to an increased weed population in your yard and require additional effort to control.Consider consulting with a We Clean Pest Controlexpert for gopher control to address the issue effectively.


We Clean Pest Control

Efficient and cheap monitoring program
Provide visual building reports with statistics on pest population, percentage of unit infested and progression with time. Reports are easy to understand and easy to monitor that our service is efficient. We work with you to bring the percentage of units infested to 0% and then implement a nondisturbing, efficient and cheap monitoring program to keep your pest control cost and administration time to a minimum
Scientific technique
Scientific technique that reduces the number of units that need to be entered. When a unit reports a problem, we can deal with the problem quickly and able to track what other units need to be accessed for treatments. You save cost and admin on a unit that has no problem.
Minimal pricing
Minimal pricing when a unit has no problem. If 5 units need to be entered and only 1 has a problem, the other four are low monitoring price.


Provide a written report that doesn’t track the history of the treatment and doesn’t show you the big picture and evolution of the service. The consequence is monitoring difficult to do and pay again and again the same amount every year for pest control.
Better way
Is your current pest control provider asking you to enter all the surrounding units or even worst to treat all the units in the building? Let us show you a better way.
Fix price
Is your current pest control provider charging a fix price for each unit entered no matter if a treatment or not is performed in this unit? Let us reduce your pest control cost right away!