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Bed Bugs Life Cycle

Bed bugs are not new creatures but they have been around in the world for more than a thousand years. They are very small and somewhat oval in shape. These small insects can be seen with our naked eyes.
Bed Bugs usually have a wingless body that is reddish-brown in color. So, bed bugs can not fly or jump to high places. But with their small sticky appendages, they move very quickly. Bed bugs can easily crawl up to all the high nooks and corners rapidly.
Bed Bugs have a very flat body structure so they can easily fit into small cracks and spaces. From afar, adult bed bugs look like an apple seed. They move quickly on the floors, and the walls of your home ceilings.¹

What Do Bed Bugs Eat?

Cimex, also known as Bed Bugs, only have the ability to suck blood and can’t chew any food. They are attracted to source of CO2 the same way than a shark can detect a drop of blood in water. This is also the reason why Bed Bugs are found in higher population on the headboard and any object close to were you lay your head. They will get a meal from hot blooded mammal as long as they prey is still enough for them to climb on them. They are not found on cat or dog as their fur prevent them to get a meal. 
 Bed bugs have an elongated beak-like sucker which they use for piercing the skin. They usually have three meals over a period of 10 minutes which we named breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those three bites creates a characteristic triangle bites. However, not everyone react to their bites. After feeding, they simply crawl away after becoming swollen with blood and look more reddish in color.

Where to find Bed Bugs?

 You can find them living in your furniture, luggage, purses, begs, and on other upholstered surfaces. They also live in the folds and stitches of bedsheets, mattress seams, headboards, bed frames and in the crevices of your house walls, floors and ceiling. They easily travel through different rooms, apartment complexes etc. 

The Life Cycle Of Bedbugs:

An immature bed bug, Nymph, quickly reaches maturity by sucking blood and shedding its skin 5-6 times to become an adult. A nymph after reaching maturity hardly takes a month to produce 3 generations per year.

The female adult can lay up to hundreds of eggs over their lifetime. Each egg looks just like a dust particle, offwhite in color which develops into a nymph.⁵

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

It is very important that you get rid of your bed bug infestation as soon as possible. You can try to control your bed bug problem by following these strategies:

  • Dry your bedsheets, blankets, pillow cases at high heat setting for 60 minutes. Dryer has to be 50% full to allows air circulation and elimination of cold spot. You don’t need to wash the clothes as the dryer will kill eggs and live bugs as long as dryer in good condition and air filter clean. Minimum temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes will kill eggs while live Bed Bugs will die in 15 minutes.  
  • Inspect the furniture, bags, and clothes thoroughly whenever you come back home after a stay.
  • Use Vacuum molding for cleaning the seams of your windows and floors every day.

An “integrated pest management” (IPM) approach can help you to control your bed bug problem but you can also take help from the pest control companies. They have much more experience when dealing with the infestations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bed Bugs ?
Bed bugs are tiny, flat, parasitic organism scientifically known as (Cimex lectularius). They are wingless, reddish-brown in color and their size is almost like an apple seed. Bed bugs feed on human’s blood and can survive several months without feeding (blood meal).
Where Bed Bugs Found?
Bed bugs are found everywhere on the face of planet (America, Africa, Asia and Europe). Bed bug infestations are becoming an epidemic problem in developing countries but infestations are now rapidly spreading in parts of the USA, Canada, UK, and other regions of Europe. Bedbug’s presence is not associated with the cleanliness (hygiene) because they have been also found in famous five-star resorts and hotel.
Bed bug infestations usually occur in homes, apartments, rooming houses, shelters, hotels, cruise ships, trains, buses, and dorm rooms because these are the places where human spend most of time. They hide in seams of mattresses, bed frames, box springs, headboards, dresser tables, behind wallpaper, inside cracks or crevices or any object or clutters around their feeding area. Researches show that bed bugs can travel over hundred feet during a night but they tend to reside within 8 feet of their feeding area.
Do Bed Bugs Cause Diseases?
Bedbugs are not known to transfer infectious disease but they are very annoyance because their bites cause itching and result in loss of sleep. If a person excessively scratch bed bug bites it can result in a secondary skin infection (allergic reaction).
Signs of Bed Bug Infestations

The easiest ways to detect bed bug infestation is by the bite marks on the body (face, neck, arms, hands, legs etc.). However, in some people bed bug bites may take 5-10 days to develop so it is important to look for other signs.

Bed bug signs include:

  • Bedbugs’ exoskeletons after molting,
  • Bed bugs in the fold of sheets and mattresses.
  • Blood-filled fecal material (rusty–colored blood spots) on the mattress or furniture, and
  • Sweet musty odor (if infestation is intense).
How Do Bed Bug Bites?

Before biting bed bug inject an anticoagulant fluid that prevents people from realizing that he/she is being bitten. Bite marks looks similar to mosquito bite or a flea bite. Bug bites affect people differently, some may have no reaction while other people may be allergic to the bites and can react adversely.

How To Treat Bed Bug Bites?
Bedbug bites do not pose serious medical threats. The best way to deal a bug bite is to avoid scratching them and apply antiseptic lotions or creams and take an antihistamine
How Did I Get Bed Bugs?
Bed bugs have slim flat bodies which allow them to hide into the smallest spaces and they can live for a long periods of time without a blood meal. Bedbugs are transported from one place to other place as people travel. They travel in the bedding, folds and seams of luggage, overnight bags, furniture, folded clothes, and any other object where they can hide.
Who is At Risk For Bed Bug Infestation?
Everyone is at risk for bed bug infestation when visiting an infested location. However, the people who frequently travels and shares sleeping and living quarters has a higher risk of spreading a bed bug infestation.
How Are Bed Bugs Treated and Prevented?

Usually people treat bed bug with insecticide spraying but this method is no more effective as researches proved that bedbugs developed resistant (immunity) against pesticide sprays. If you suspect infestation in your residential or commercial property, always contact reputed and professional Pest Control Company that uses heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs.