Residential Pest Control Services


Our Pesticide free treatment with very low-toxicity products allow you to stay home. Our Heat solution kills pests, bacteria, viruses living in the air, surface, and items. With our UNMARKED VEHICLE AND UNIFORM and no mention of pest control or company name on our uniform and vehicles, neighbors won’t now why we are here.


Products applied don’t leave residual vapor and won’t contaminate food or plates. Our solutions for any pest problem treat your home as is for better results Even our Bed Bugs solution can be done as is without preparation but we suggest a minimum preparation that is the simplest and unique in our industry.


We Clean Pest Control Competition

We recommend :

  • Teach you free do it yourself technique if you have more time to invest than money.


  • Install and deliver for free the best Bamboo mattress encasement if no bed bugs are found but you want to kill the fews that could hide in the mattress or box spring where infestation starts.


  • Chemical spray, with option to have us install mattress and boxspring encasement to improve efficiency and reduce pesticide applied in the house. We recommend the spray if:
    • few bed bugs are found in only one room


    • You don’t mind washing and bagging all clothes, bedding, emptying drawer, moving mattress and boxspring up and leaving 2 feet of space between wall and furniture
    • You don’t mind the residual pesticide on the baseboard, crack and crevice of furniture, door frame, mattress seams (put a link toward preparation chemical spray )


  • Rental of one heater and 2 fans if you want to treat yourself rooms less than 12 ft x 12ft. Not recommended if you are in a basement or concrete tower which requires more power. Our technician delivers the equipment and goes through the steps of the process with you.


  • Full property heat treatment:
    • minimal to no preparation which allows you to get last minute treatment and reduces reinfestation by keeping the bugs where they are and not outside premise or on the concrete floor of the laundry room.
  • Get rid of the highest infestation by killing all eggs and bed bugs in 1 treatment.
  • More efficient than any other heat treatment cause you get 12 to 24hrs treatment which penetrate the thickest clutter, void space and furniture.
  • Ultra discreet because all equipment inside, no generator to attract attention, unmarked vehicle and uniform.
  • We reinspect the premise 2 weeks after and retreat without charge if new live bugs are found.
  • Most of them offers only chemical spray without the installation of encasement.


  • Some offer dry steam and chemical spray but say they do heat treatment. To make sure you are getting what you pay for, ask them if their treatment heats all the space and requires only 1 treatment or if it’s only applied to furniture surfaces.


  • Some offer to rent one heater and one fan for you to do your own heat treatment. You can only treat one room at the time every 8hrs and any space larger than 12’ x 12’ ft might not elevate to the minimum temperature of 45 degrees celsius which must be maintained for 1h to kill eggs. If you are in a basement or a tower, the temperature will not raise enough due to the concrete and ground that absorb heat and requires more than one heater. You also need more than one fan to generate good airflow which is essential to energize material, furniture, wall and void space.


  • Some offer full heat treatment that treat the whole property and kills all eggs and bed bug in 1 treatment. They usually requires to wash and bags all clothes and bedding to reduces the clutter allows heat to penetrate inside all the material. If they say no preparation is required and their treatment is less than 8hrs, they will have to spread you clothes outside the drawer and do more decluttering which will leave your place is a mess on your way back. It is a good idea to ask them how long their treatment is, how many fans they use per room, what preparation is required and if they need a generator. A generator will attract more attention due to the noise and will also means that they can only operate it between 9am to 5pm during the week and even less during the weekend which limitate the treatment time to less than 9hrs see 6hrs if they start their setup at 9am and tear down at 4pm. Our test show that luggages and cardboard boxes fill with clothes requires at least 12hrs of treatment to stay as is.
Free inspection if remitted on the purchase of a treatment Variable
Take time to teach you or your tenant a do it yourself technique to prevent and eliminate quickly small problem They don’t have time cause they pack their schedule tightly and will do more money if you still have a need for their services
Minimal preparation that can be completed in 20 min allowing you to get scheduled for a treatment as soon as you want  Complexe preparation involving to wash, dry and bags all clothes, bedding and empty drawers. It can takes days, spread the bugs, is exhausting and while you do, bed bugs are still living with you