The most effective way to control the ants is by putting pesticides into the nest and killing the queen. This can be accomplished by either a direct treatment or the use of bait. Ants construct nests in stones, boards, soil, open lawns, beneath concrete slabs close to foundation walls, inside house walls, in rotting wood, or in hollow spaces associated with waste in human habitats.


German Cockroaches is the second pest this company had to deal with. This type of roach expand very fast across a building due to it small size. Most of the house or multi-units having to deal with this pest will have to hire a pest control company to treat the problem continuously on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


Dry your bedsheets, blankets, pillow cases at high heat setting for 60 minutes. Dryer has to be 50% full to allows air circulation and elimination of cold spot. You don’t need to wash the clothes as the dryer will kill eggs and live bugs as long as dryer in good condition and air filter clean. Minimum temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes will kill eggs while live Bed Bugs will die in 15 minutes.


Keep your home clean. Sanitation is critical for avoiding an infestation. Vacuum furniture, carpets, and floors and wash linens on a regular basis to eliminate any existing fleas and to help prevent egg hatching. Due to the fact that fleas may be transported by rodents, it is critical to prevent any rodent harborage areas by maintaining well-maintained grass.


Once you figure out which type of rodents are populating your house, you should immediately take action. You can either use mouse traps or poison baits to kill them. But if their growth has gone out of control, it’s better to call the pest control exterminator. Professional rodent control team has special equipment and effective methods that can eliminate your rodent problem from the very root.


Remove insects that provide a food source. Look in and around the webs to observe what insects have been caught. Individual spiders that have wandered inside should be captured and removed. To limit the number of good spider sites, remove clutter, boxes, papers, and bags. Webbing may be removed using a broom or vacuum, and any egg sacs found should be destroyed. Examine the area surrounding windows, in corners, and in quiet areas in particular.


As a permanent for physical barriers such as nets are the best options to utilize to ensure the birds are repelled from your property. We don’t recommend the use of repellent as they get used to it or to trap and release them as pigeons always come back to their home no matter how far you release them. This creates not only an effective barrier for bird control but humanely limits their landing options on or around your structure.


Wasps scavenge through trash cans for food. Cover trash cans and garbage cans to prevent them from obtaining food. Leave no edible stuff outside. Prevent wearing sweet-smelling or flowery perfumes to avoid being stung by wasps. Wasps are drawn to sweets due to their fragrance. They may approach you and explore if they smell you wearing this. Fill up little holes throughout your yard. These areas have the potential to become yellowjacket wasp habitats.

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