Bed bugs are very irritating and challenging pests to deal with. Through inspection and treatment is required for bed bugs because they hide in tiny spaces. If any of your property (residential or commercial) is bed bug infested, it will be prudent to enlist the professional services of an experienced pest control company. Bed bugs extermination is best achieved by following integrated pest management (IPM) solution that involves multiple techniques, such as preventive measures, chemicals, steam or heat treatment (best one) applied to infested property.

Pesticides or Bed Bug Sprays

Just spraying insecticides is not the optimal solution! Residual pesticides includes pyrethroids are applied to cracks and crevices as spot treatment. To achieve increased penetration of the pesticide into hiding spots (cracks and crevices) you should first remove dirt and debris using a vacuum cleaner. Many available aerosol bed bug sprays will cause bedbugs to scatter making extermination more difficult. Diatomaceous earth (dust formulations) can be used to treat attics and wall voids. You have to repeat pesticide treatment if bed bugs are present after two weeks of the initial treatment as it is not possible to find all hiding spots and bed bugs eggs may have hatched. Don’t use pesticides on bedding or linens. Dry clean such items or laundered them in hot water and dried on “hot” setting.

Over-The-Counter Foggers

Ohio State University entomologists have found that “Bug Bombs” or over-the-counter foggers are ineffective Against Bed bugs. Majority of bed bugs hide in protected areas (like in cracks and crevices, deep inside carpets, under sheets and mattresses, etc.), Susan Jones Ohio State University entomologist said it is very unlikely that bedbugs will be exposed to the pesticide mist from foggers. She added, even if bedbugs come into contact with the mist, many species found throughout the U.S and Canada has resistance against Pyrethroids. Over-the-counter foggers or never work against bed bugs infestations and can be very dangerous when applied.

Bed Bug Prevention

The mobile nature of bloodsucking bed bugs limits their prevention. Bed bug prevention is especially challenging in motels, hotels, apartments, cinemas and other commercial properties because in such locations occupants and their belongings are constantly changing. This provides many opportunities for the bedbugs to be introduced. Homeowners should be cautious while acquiring secondhand bedding and furniture. Examine properly before bringing such items into the home. When traveling abroad where bed bugs are prevalent, examine the bed and headboard region for signs of the bed bugs, and also elevate your luggage off the floor. Storage facilities, warehouses, railroad cars and trucks may be infested. Awareness may help to avoid bed bug infestation, or at least prompt earlier extermination by a professional pest control firm.

An Optimal Bed Bug Treatment

If your home or any other property bed bug infested, don’t waste your time while applying so-called “Bug Bombs” or “Bed bug sprays”. Try to find a good pest control firm in your local region. Experienced pest control companies know how to do bed bug inspection, and have an assortment of best pest management tools and equipment at their disposal. The most important thing is that find a pest control firm which uses heat treatment to kill bed bugs. Because heat extermination is optimal bed bug treatment which kills bed bugs as well as their eggs completely.