Everyone loves keeping their home clean and clear and free from all kinds of pests. But it seems like a never-ending war between you and spring pests. No matter how much you try to get rid of them, Canadian Spring pests are very stubborn. They take a whole lifetime and yet can’t seem to leave your house.¹

Some of the most common Canadian pests that you all must have encountered are:

Ways to Keep Pests Away

Keeping your house pest-free is the priority for maintaining better health standards. Pest infestation issues are very common all over Canada due to the regional and climatic conditions. But pest infestation is not a die-hard problem that you can’t solve. All it needs is a little care and some easy cleaning tips.

Here are some easy ways to keep Canadian Spring pests away from your house for good.¹

  1. Using Effective Pesticides

If you’re facing any common spring pest attacks such as ants, bed bugs, rodents etc. You can simply use some quality pesticides and get rid of your pest problems. Most effective pesticides usually come at a high price but they can be very helpful in killing pests. They commonly have one or two toxins mixed to form a potent pest-killing solution.

You can easily find it at the general stores in the form of powders, sprays and even burning coils.²

  1. Setting Up Bug Traps

The second most commonly used option to get rid of pest infestation is a bug trap. Bug traps and cages are designed specifically to catch your troublesome rodents or wasps messing around your house. You can easily buy them from a local store or order it online. Each bug trap has its own mechanism to kill or catch a certain type of spring pest.  Wire traps and cages are used for catching rodents while small sticky mats are great in catching flies, ants, wasps and mosquitoes.³

  1. Cleaning Up Your House

Another important step to prevent spring pest infestation is the proper cleaning of your home-sweet-home. What makes your house welcoming for spring pests is the dirt and mess that you fail to clean at the right time. especially the nooks and corners of the house become the most crucial places where dirt and dust keeps piling up attracting more pest attacks. Pests thrive in these kinds of dirty environments. Therefore, always keep your house clean and free from pests.⁴

  1. Hiring Pest Control

If you’re someone whose house is completely turned into a mess because of pest infestation, it’s time to call Professionals. Pesticides, traps, matts or cages can only help you catch a limited quantity of spring pests. However, if your house has become a pest party, calling the pest control company would be a safer option rather than trying to control the pest infestation by using cheap do-it-yourself ways.⁵

Since pest control has a professional team, they’re much better at controlling pest infestation. They can help you identify the type of pests and find effective elimination techniques to get rid of them. Most importantly, they have their own legitimate pest-controlling equipment and the right chemicals to use accordingly.⁶


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