We have compiled comprehensive research on how to attract bed bugs. Hope this article is very helpful and finding out about bed bugs.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are blood-eating insects that live in beds, and bed frames. They’re hard to get rid of since they’re resistant to many chemical pesticides. Luckily, there are several non-chemical ways to control and eliminate an infestation.

Bed bugs are most common in hotels and hostels where people travel frequently. However, they’re also found in apartments and houses. 2 These areas tend to have lower temperatures, which contributes to the spread of these insects. Read the article thoroughly for more details.

Things that attract bed bugs


The holes in certain timber provide excellent hiding places for bugs, the fabric is not particularly convincing. Getting rid of timber will not make an infection go away. You must develop proper mitigation and adaptation strategies to control bed bugs.

Hidden places

A bed bug can accommodate the smallest gap and holes. Due to their small size bed bugs prefer to hide in confined spaces for heat. Hidden places are more secure for them. Control starts at the physical level; you must get rid of all the bed bug’s hiding places. This includes mattresses, box springs, bed frames, dressers, and other furniture as well as shoes, bags, closets, and more.

You’ll need to clean everything with hot soap and water or a pest control agent like pesticide. You should also place your mattress in a heat source for a few days to kill any surviving bugs. After cleaning, you should encase your mattress with a protective cover like plastic so no bugs can get in and hide.

Warm temperature

Humans emit heat, and CO2, which attracts bed bugs. Bed bugs understand that even a source of heat signifies the presence of a host. Human body temperature attracts bed bugs. People also bring bed bugs home with them after visiting an infested location. Therefore, you can’t just identify where an infestation is. You must also determine whether you brought them home with you. 4

How to access the bed bug?

When performing a bed bug assessment, you should first check your mattress for suspicious skin lesions or bites. If there are none, this indicates that the bugs are hiding somewhere else in your room. A potential sign of a bed bug infestation is a blood stain on your sheets; the bugs feed on human blood, so they’ll leave marks on your sheets if they’ve gotten onto you. 1 Additionally, keep an eye out for missing clothes and luggage to get rid of bed bugs. if you see these missing articles nearby your room, it could mean an active infestation.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

However, there are some effective non-chemical strategies for controlling bed bugs that work even if you’ve brought new items home with you. These strategies include vacuuming your mattress daily with a HEPA vacuum cleaner and washing your bed sheets in hot water every week to heat the bug hatchlings away from your body heat source. 3


How to recognize and deal with a bed bug infestation is essential for anyone living or frequenting hotels and hostels. While infestations are most common in these locations, they can also occur in apartments and houses due to low thresholds for tolerance against these insects even temporarily moving into an infested location can facilitate the spread of these problematic pests. We hope this blog is very helpful in finding the things which attract bed bugs.


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