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Why our Heat Treatment is Best to kill Sars-Cov-2


Our Heat treatment does not cure someone infected with the Coronavirus. Our 60 to 70 degrees Celcius Heat treatment is design to sanitize air and items to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. Temperature over 56 degrees Celcius is required to kills Coronavirus. 


Don’t try to heat an area yourself. We use safe, specialized equipment and have been performing those treatments every day in the past seven years. To avoid scams and wrong information consult this article

*Because SARS-CoV-2 molecule is 0.125 Micron, only less than 0.1 Micron Hepa Filter is efficient.

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Sanitize 100% Items & Air ?

Our Heat Treatment Sanitize 100% Items & Air

Any living organism, bacteria or virus has a temperature at which they die. For the SARS-CoV-2, the name of the virus that causes Covid-19, the killing point is 131 degrees Fahrenheit or 56 degrees Celcius. Ten thousand particles of Covid-19 die every 15 minutes, and 100% particles die in 1hr at 65 degrees Celcius.


Our process consists of elevating the temperature of space inside a vehicle or structure to a temperature of 65 degrees Celcius. We use many high velocity and high heat resistant fans to make sure air is at the same temperature everywhere. We push the heat into cracks, crevices and the core of all objects in the room. That means that no matter what type of clutter we are dealing with, everything gets sanitized.

The next video shows what we do to eliminate Bed Bugs infestation. The time of treatment and temperature are similar. The main difference is that for Covid-19 Heat Sanitization Treatment, we wear N95 masks and protective gloves. We wash gloves with rubbing alcohol every time we are out of the treatment space. 

Our Heat Treatment threat 100% of Any Vehicles & Buildings Faster Than Any Others Partial Solutions.

  • Our Heat Treatment kills Coronavirus in 1hr from vehicles likes: Bus, Car, Small Plane, Truck.
  • A Commercial Plane requires 2 to 3hrs depending on its size.
  • In Edmonton, we can sanitize 16 City Buses per hour.
  • In 2hrs, we can get rid of SARS-CoV-2 from :
    • all common area of a 20 units low rise apartment building.
    • Restaurant or office
  • In 4hrs, we can get rid of Covid-19 virus from :
    • Four houses or townhouses
    • 16 units apartment building including common space

Ozone do NOT FULLY Sanitize

Ozone can’t elevate concentration high enough to achieve a 100% kill. It can’t go inside clutter like pile of clothes or inside cracks or crevices. It will be efficient to treat surface and air only. Also, no study have been able to demonstrate the efficiency of Ozone to kill SARS-CoV-2.

Chemical Cleaning do NOT FULLY Sanitize

Chemical cleaning will be efficient to kill quickly Sars-Cov-2 from hard surface. However, concentration of products have to be high enough to be efficient and the cleaner could miss many surfaces, cracks and crevices.

Protective equipment or clothes will have to be washed separately. However, it will be a very time consuming process and many items can’t go in the washer.
Air will not be sanitized.

Air Filtration do NOT FULLY Sanitize

Even if Air is filtered, many area have poor ventilation and will be missed.

Items, surface, cracks, crevices, clothes won’t be sanitized.

Offer 24/7 Decontamination Room ?

Our Heat Treatment CAN Create a 24/7 Decontamination Room

A decontamination room is a less than 20x20ft room with ceiling of less than 12ft. Temperature is keep at 60 degrees celcius 24hrs, 7 days a week. Fans circulated hot dry air to make sure everything in the room get exposed to the same temperature and that no colder spot exist.

Characteristics :

  • No Noisy Generator
  • Electric cost less than $1.5 per day for a 8×8 ft room in a house and $12 per day for the biggest 20x20ft room with 12ft ceiling.
  • Safe to enter without protection cause eco friendly and no chemical. Not recommended to go in if any medical issue like hypertension or cardiac problem.

No matter the type of building. We can either :

  • create a temporary room using tarp and poles that can be assemble/disassemble anywhere in your home or work place in less than 1h without any extra cost.
  • Use an existing room

Avantages :

  • Sanitize 100% Automatically
  • Save Cost be Reusing same protective equipment
  • Save cost on chemical cleaner

Cost :

  • Weekly and monthly rental price that vary on size of the room
  • Offer Permanent one time cost Setup as well

Ozone can NOT be used for a 24/7 Decontamination Room

Because Ozone is bad for lungs and health, it will not be possible to enter the room normally without breathing apparatus. Ozone will not go through clutter and some items will remains contaminated. Opening the door will also bring harmful Ozone particules in clean area.

Chemical Cleaning can NOT be used for a 24/7 Decontamination Room

Chemical Cleaning have to be done manually every time, expose the cleaner to contamination and can’t sanitize all items.

Air Filtration can NOT be used for a 24/7 Decontamination Room

Air Filtration will NOT sanitize material and items.

Safe for Health ?

Our Heat Treatment is Safe for Health

Our Heat is the result of elevating the ambient air only. It’s a dry heat that is the equivalent of dry cleaning clothes. No chemical is used and it sanitize air and material by killing bacteria, virus, mold, bugs. The area is cleaner than if you had used chemical products minus the presence of chemical.

Ozone is NOT Safe for Health

EPA report many problematic case that damaged lungs and caused problems to people with respiratory problem. You have to make sure the whole area get well ventilated after an Ozone treatment to avoid breathing the harmful fume.

source :

Chemical Cleaning is NOT Safe for Health

Many people have strong reaction to chemical products. Please consult :

Air Filtration is Safe for Health

It is safe as long as filter are changed regularly. Dirty filter will becomes a Health hazard.

Prevent Cross Contamination ?

Our Heat Treatment Prevent Cross Contamination

Bed Bugs and Covid-19 proliferation have many similarities. They can be both be spread by the individuals and leave different area and items contaminated. We have been using a decontamination process since 2013 that consist into:

– making sure all clothes and people that were into contaminated area get decontaminated before leaving the area. We have an option below that explain how client can stay home to prevent propagation.

– no potentially contaminated personal items leaves the treatment area.

– client gives us reference of place they have been to and who came to their place in the last week for us to repeat the sanitization process to that location. This is the step often fails when come to Bed Bugs because clients are embarrassed and don’t want anybody to know they were contaminated. Because Covid-19 is more serious and life threatening, we are hoping to have assistance of health authority to make the client cooperation of this step required.

Ozone do NOT Prevent Cross Contamination

Because Ozone is bad for lungs and health, clients could not stay in close proximity to an ozone treatment and will have to leave the premise. It will increase chance of Covid-19 propagation by breaking isolation.

Chemical Treatment Prevent Cross Contamination

It is possible to stay home during a chemical cleaning. However, some people could be sensitive to chemical product and might have to isolate area cleaned and have them well ventilated before reentering.

Air Filtration Prevent Cross Contamination

It is safe to stay in an area where air is filtered.

Kill Bugs ?

Our Heat Treatment Kill Bugs

Heat kills :

  • Bed Bugs & Eggs at 115F in 1hr
  • Cockroaches & Eggs at 135F in 1hr.
  • Dust Mites, Carpet Beetles, Spider at 110F in 1hr

Ozone do NOT kills Bugs

Even if company doing Ozone claims it kills Bed Bugs or others Bugs in laboratory, on the field it does a very poor results.

Here what a Bed Bugs specialists that tested an Ozone treatment had to say about it:

Chemical cleaning do NOT kills Bugs

Chemical cleaning can not be applied everywhere while bugs can be anywhere, in crack, crevices, books, clothes, etc.

Also, even specialized pesticide to kill Bed Bugs doesn’t kill Eggs.

Air Filtration do NOT kills Bugs

  1. Air filtration has no effect on any type of bugs.

Deodorize ?

Our Heat Treatment Deodorize

Heat oxidizes molecules responsible for smell. Once treatment completed, all smell of smoke, weeds, garbages will be gone.

It won’t prevent them to come back if the contaminant is still there.

Ozone Deodorize

Deodorization is one of the main reason why ozone have been developed.

Chemical Cleaning Deodorize

Works on hard surface faster but requires specialized tools to do carpet, couches, mattress separately. The time of treatment to treat all items in a house will be monumental.

Air Filtration do NOT Deodorize

Even if air is sanitized, it won’t eliminate molecules responsible of the smell.

Fire Hazard ?

Our Heat Treatment is SAFE

Our electric equipment is designed to be safe and run unattended.

Safety Features are :

  • Grid preventing any objects to in contact with heating Element. Even if a very flammable piece of tissue or paper remains stock in the grid, temperature of items will not elevate to more than 70 celcius. 233 degrees celcius is required to ignite paper. Source :
  • Temperature controller. Equipment is designed to shut down if temperature reach 70 degrees celcius. It can be set to lower temperature.

Our Propane equipment procedure is safe because :

  • Propane Heater remains 5m outside of any treatment area. Only heat going in is hot air circulating in mylar ducting.
  • Propane Cylinder always remains outside at 15m minimum from any vehicles or building.
  • Minimum of 5m between Heater and Propane Cylinder.
  • Leak Test performed on propane cylinder before any application
  • Heater has a temperature controller that allows the operator to know what temperature he is sending in the treatment area.
  • Operator and supervisor always right by the heater in all time during treatment

Ozone is Fire Hazard Safe

No electricity or combustion required.

Chemical Treatment is Fire Hazard Safe

No electricity or combustion required.

Air Filtration is Fire Hazard Safe

No electricity or combustion required.



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