How to find Live Bed Bugs?


Check the seam between the headboard and mattress, for any stains that can’t be brushed, and look like a 4-tipped star.

On Wood surfaces, the stains will be round and uncleanable.

Shed and eggs will be in close proximity to those stains.

When found, live Bed Bugs will be close by if the infestation is still active.


Want to treat with Heat, objects that can’t fit in your dryer ?


Use Hair Dryer at the highest heat setting, and lowest airflow setting

    •  Keep it at a distance of 3 inches from material.
    • Don’t heat any area for more than 1 second.
    • Use short brushing movements to warm up material

Live Bed Bugs will start running and become visible


How treat Clothes and Bedding Faster


Skip Washing

Use DRYER ONLY as long as:

  • 50% Full Max
  • At least 40 Min
  • Good dryer airflow and filter clear of lint


To prevent any mice treatments, fix entry points


Any Gap of ¼ inch under entrance door should get a door sweep

Any Gap in First floor Window Seal should get caulk


Use Car Key to gauge if ¼ of inch